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Why the Left Abandoned Israel (a speech by Prof. Dennis Hale, March 13, 2003)

Why We Joined the Rally in Defense of Israel (from the Institute on Religion and Democracy)

An Open Letter to the Palestinians from an Agnostic

Episcopal-Jewish Alliance Formed to Support Israel (from Virtuosity Listserv)

Ending the Occupation (Remarks by Bishop Shaw, April 22, 2002)

Episcopalians Hope for Deeper Dialog (Boston Globe editorial by Bishop Shaw, November 25, 2001)

Statement of Episcopal Concern for Israel (Episcopal-Jewish Alliance, April 12, 2002)

What are other Episcopal voices saying?

Anti-Semitism: The Elephant in the Living Room by Gardiner H. Shattuck, Jr.

Standing up at the Rally--and Swimming Against a Tide by by Earl H. Foote

Letter to Bishop Shaw by Earl H. Foote


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