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Greater Boston Stands United with Israeli Victims of Terror

Dear Friends: I am forwarding a message and attachment concerning a Walkathon in Newton next month to raise money for victims of terrorism in Israel. The victims are mostly Israeli Jews, but there are significant numbers of Israeli Arab victims, both Muslim and Christian, as well, since the suicide/homicide bombers have often deliberately chosen targets where Jews and Arabs mingle (e.g., the Hebrew University cafeteria; cafes and restaurants frequented by both Jews and Arabs, etc.). As the sponsors point out, these sites are chosen in order to make coexistence impossible. In other cases, bombs go off in public places where both Jews and Arabs are found on the street or in busses. The money raised will therefore help all victims, regardless of their faith or communal ties. These include people suffering from disabling injuries requiring expensive and lengthy treatment; children who have lost parents; families who have lost breadwinners. The toll so far, since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada in September 2000, is over 600 killed and over 4600 seriously wounded.

Would you see that this event is announced and publicized wherever you are able to do so? And if you ARE able to announce it, or to attend the walk yourselves, would you let me know? Thanks very much. Dennis Hale

Sponsor Sheet with more information


Dear Professor Hale:

Thank you so much for agreeing to help us publicise the Walkathon within the Episcopal community. We think that its very important to show that the antidote to the terrorists' ambition of destroying co-existence between Jews, Christians and Muslims in Israel is to demonstrate our solidarity here in the US. The terrorist attacks against Israel are in fact attacks against the shared principles of coexistence that most Americans and Israelis of all faiths have in common. How better to show that than to have a broad cross section of the community show up in support of Israel victims of terror.

I have attached a copy of the event publicity and sponsor sheet and we can make hard copies available in whatever quantities are needed. We are asking synagogues to announce the event from the pulpit over the next few weeks and to make the sponsor sheets available at the end of services. Perhaps this approach could be considered for the churches. Please let me know if you have any questions about the event.

On the eve of our harvest festival of Sukkot may I take the opportunity to wish you and you family all the best.


Paul Sassieni
Boston Israel Action Committee

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